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Sunday, July 4, 2010

iPod Touch Blogger template is ideal for iPod lovers . It is a template column, although in the footer has three columns to accommodate the gadgets. It has a menu at the top and the buttons are adapted from the icons on your iPod or iPhone. It has integrated the Read more automatically, ie cuts alone makes the entries.

11 Main Terms Becoming a Professional Blogger

For some people, blogging made as a profession for the money. They are professional bloggers. Measured from the income side, of course, professional blogger far more income than an amateur blogger.
Try to compare a professional footballer with an amateur footballer. Certainly a professional footballer greater income than an amateur footballer. Well, if you're interested in becoming professional bloggers, 11 terms you should know this.

1. Time. Professional blogger must have time to manage their blogs. Not only is it important to make good posts, time is also important to interact with other bloggers, gather information, conduct online research, blog walking, and so forth.

How can ShoeMoney blog only one hour less each day, while the income of hundreds of thousands of dollars per month? In my opinion, this is because of hours of flying. I'm sure when you first started his career he spent a lot of time to manage their blogs.

Encode/decode HTML entities

Review my Blog Widgets

User reviews are one of the most valuable interactive features your site can deploy. By building trust and confidence, reviews improve conversion rates, time on site and overall site experience. Users can add their own reviews, rate reviews submitted by others and engage in threaded conversations.

Please take note that when you make a review, you are reviewing that specific url.

Use this script:

<div class="js-kit-rating"></div><div class="js-kit-comments"></div><script src="http://js-kit.com/reviews.js"></script>

Live Website Chat Widget

A chat room is a great way to get your readers more involved in your blog. If you think about it, your visitors may end up spending the night chatting with other visitors. Now that's a great thought... The answer is Yaplet, which adds a chat room to every site on the internet!

For Example, here is the WidgetsForFree™ Chat Room . All you need to do is create a visible link or button to your site's chat room just like I have done above. Go to Yaplet.com to find your blog's chat room.
  • You can also create a pop-up version
  • If you go to yaplet's website, you will find some nice buttons which can be placed on your blog.

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